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 Note: This is a class assignment and currently isn't perfect. The application is meant to be a game between two players on two different browsers. A browser cookie is set to generate a unique UUID for the browser. You can play against yourself by opening two different browser windows from two different browsers or opening a normal window and a private browsing window from the same browser. If you don't see a UUID you may have to try a different browser or browsing mode as they aren't always generated in private browsing mode for some reason. :/

 The game doesn't always end games if a player quits, so if you are automatically matched up with an old game you may need to try again with a different browser window. I've been busy and still need to either go back into the application and end timed-out games or write a startup script to automatically reboot the AWS server every so often (and then re-run the game on startup).


Your UUID is: ---